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Improving Everyday Life With AI


Transform the way you live and work with AI

verseAI, means your World Upgraded by the Power of AI, and we named our AI, Saige, a wise individual.  verseAI is our 3rd startup based on the vision of creating an AI with capabilities to impact your everyday life.  verseAI has been years of our personal money, passion and sweat to create something truly pioneering.  At the same time, we really wanted to help people and society achieve their potential, along with addressing some of the problems that tech created.

Our History

verseAI is our founding team's moonshot project.  We are an extremely talented tech team that has been together at a minimum for 10 years.  This is our 3rd startup over the last 15 years and we have never raised money from outsiders.   Outsiders will constantly advise us to do something small and start generating sales, and go for the quick win.  Additionally, we don’t like to listen to people who will say what we are trying to create is impossible and we should just settle for something small.  This is our moonshot project, where we want to transform your life with AI, not another click and deliver, or cash incinerating tech company.  


Our history is deep in large complex software systems.  The team’s first startup was in logistics where we scheduled and optimized natural gas deliveries for approximately 10% of the US natural gas grid.  We were highly successful in this market and sold approximately $100 million of this software.   Our second startup was Terra, a 3D subsurface, engineering, physics and visualization system with big, big multi-dimensional data.  Terra performed some of the most complex simulations, big data analysis and real-time 3D visualization / rendering (monitor & VR) for understanding subsurface geology.  With Terra, we achieved unprecedented multi-dimensional analysis and 4K / 60fps rendering of millions of data points to create / visualize geological surfaces, faults, boreholes and other relevant data (see Terra product).   Terra achieved positive cashflow with customers, but with the pandemic in 2020 and oil prices going negative, we decided to shelve Terra and reinvented ourselves with verseAI.


We hope you can see the incredible amount of passion and sweat that we have put into verseAI, and we would love to get your support.  We also hope you enjoy what we have created and find it truly game changing, but this is for you to decide.


Meet the Founders



Chief Executive Officer



Chief Technology Officer



Chief Infrastructure Officer



Chief AI Officer


Our Advisors

We take who we will listen to very seriously.  So, our advisors are the best of the best.  Also, we wanted our advisors to be vested in our success, so they invested in verseAI and were not just be given equity.  

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