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Next generation automated subsurface & big data analytics to unlock & un-silo the proprietary data that you spent millions to collect, merged with verseAI's curated public data.

Yukon OIl in OK Merge Nov2020

Yukon OIl in OK Merge Nov2020

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Finally, an automated subsurface big data analysis that everyone can use from Day 1

Now, more than ever, everyone in your organization needs to have both public and proprietary data at their fingertips to make the right decisions. Subsurface, Drilling, Frac & Analytical tools used for data analysis need to be automated so that everyone in your organization can make the right decisions in an extremely cost effective manner. Sloppiness and "good enough" cannot be afforded anymore.


You cannot just tweak existing data workflows to cut costs down to $30 per barrel. You need to rethink how business is done based upon data.

No Installation

No Training

No Commitment

Pay for usage on the cloud

The Data

Underlying all of Terra's capabilities is our ability to unsilo, manage, geosteer and time sync 14 distinct dimensions of oil & gas data


Automated Analysis

Operators can't afford the expensive process of turning data into intelligence.  We solve this problem with automated analysis to help you extract value out of your digital assets


Without automated analysis you just have big data


Guided Analysis

Concierge Level Guidance through Data

AI / Machine Intelligence

Predict Results

Deep Learning Neural Nets

Find the Hidden Patterns

3D Visualization

Data Represented as Worlds

Big Data

Collect and Host Big Data

Unstructured Data Collection

Clean, Parse, Analyze

Natural Language Processing

Talk or Type Naturally

Search Based

Simply ask your Questions

Cloud Based

Available on Demand

Augmented / Virtual Reality

Ready for AR / VR when you are


Natural language 3D interface ready for AR and VR

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text

Optimize your processing power - the human brain is the most advanced pattern recognition machine ever 


verseAI is a software company rooted in substantial industry-specific experience and focused on state-of-the-art technology and design innovation. We are fueled by a passion to lead the evolution of how big data is not just visualized, but understood. Through a series of industry-specific verticals we aim to equip our customers with blockbuster-caliber visualizations and an AI.


Interested yet? We are looking for talented and passionate individuals who are interested in building great products. Email us at

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