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verseAI Energy’s Unique Advantages

An AI pre-trained  with data from the entire industry, ready to use on day one

A supercomputing completion optimizer that helps design and analyze your completion plan from millions of potential options based on your firm’s risk parameters

The ability to upload proprietary data and build a customized AI for your enterprise

An Enterprise AI collaboration that integrates real workflows for drilling and completions and achieves a superior efficiency level 

A cloud based service that verseAI maintains and updates with the most current data 

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How can you find the optimal combination of chemicals when there are over 100 million potential frac combinations?  Using proprietary algorithms, verseAI Energy has nearly doubled the prediction accuracy of traditional modeling techniques.  Our in-house optimizer reduces the time it takes to make these predictions to just one minute.  You now have the freedom to experiment with your completion design risk free, from the comfort of our own computer.  Generate millions of cases and have our AI guide you to the optimal answer, or explore and discover it for yourself.

AI / Machine


Data & Analysis

Over 250 curated data fields are captured, cross referenced and validated for permits, drilling, geology, fracking, production and netbacks.  We don't just deliver good data, we provide you the systems and AI agents that find and create interactive stories you can analyze.

Enterprise Collaboration

We provide integrated systems like Subsurface Interpretation, Type Curve Analysis and Planning / Variance that enable all users to utilize the same data and systems enterprise wide. Our systems integrate directly with your human capital to create enterprise collaboration for core E&P functions.

verseAI Energy provides a trained AI with verifiable results.  This is not a one size fits all AI; we provide you with an Enterprise Grade AI infrastructure that will allow you to integrate your proprietary data to create your own custom AIs.





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Data and Analysis

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